1. How do I know if there are cabins to rent?

- The web page will be updated to show  if there are cabins available to rent. 

2. Can I have a short term contract?

- All contracts run for one academic year.

3. Is there a waiting list?

- No, there is no waiting list.

4. How do I proceed after applying?

- If you are offered to rent a cabin you have to pay the first rent a.s.a.p. Earliest possible date for payment is May 15.

5. When will I sign the contract?

- Contracts will be signed upon arrival at Campus Solna at which time you will also receive the key.

6. Is there any deposit?

- No. However, you are asked to pay one month rent before signing the contract. If you fail to appear or to sign the contract this money will not be returned to you.