The cabin is furnished with a bed, wardrobes, desk, couch, curtains, dinner table and a office chair. The bed arrangement allows visitors to spend some nights in the cabin. However, the contract is for one person, which means that You  are not allowed to share your cabin with someone permanently. In the area there is also a laundry cabin, free of charge. The laundry cabin is kept tidy by joint efforts of the residents. 













Internet is free of charge (You will need a cable) but to keep the system running, there are some restrictions of use.Please note that You are not allowed to use software that opens more than one connection at the same time. This includes any kind of peer-2peer software, such as bittorent, emule, kazaa and all other softwares that use the same transfer technology. There are no stationary computers. To be able to use the internet access You will need a laptop.